Public Financial Management Projects

Climate Proofing Growth Pakistan: 2014-2019  - Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD) in South Asia
The contract, where AbacusConsulting is partner, is to manage implementation of the Climate Change Innovation Programme (CCIP) in India as well as components in Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and Afghanistan, under a regional Climate Proofing Growth and Development (CPGD) programme. The objective of the program is to ensure that the risks and opportunities from climate change are integrated into public sector policies, budgets and investments in India and in South Asia


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 2014-2019  Public Financial Management Support Programme for Pakistan, PFM-SPP – EU
The main objective of this project is to contribute to the improvement of public financial administration to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the utilisation of government budget resources in order to deliver better public services and to reduce the impact of poverty and social inequality through the provision of adequate technical assistance. Abacus as a local partner to the principal contractor will provide services to the Government of Sindh and the Federal Government. The specific objectives of the contract will be the following: 1. Government of Sindh: to provide technical assistance for the development of a PFM reform strategy, PFM action plans and implementation of a medium-term budgetary framework as well as technical assistance on other areas to be identified by the Government during the development of a PFM reform strategy; 2. Federal Government: to provide technical assistance for the development of a PFM reform strategy, PFM action plans and implementation of a medium-term budgetary framework including macroeconomic forecast and modelling


National Goverence Pakistan: 2013-2017 - Sub National Governance Program (SNG) – DFID
AbacusConsulting is contributing in PFM and M&E areas on this programme. As per initial plan key activities in the area of performance management were to include the strengthening of performance based budgeting up to district level, development / institutionalization of M&E system, provision of GIS support for effective monitoring, creation of provincial delivery unit to supervise / monitor improved service delivery and various cross cutting interventions to create a cohesive government organization for the delivery of quality public goods / services in target provinces. In the above mentioned areas of focus the programme will provide extended facilitation to the provincial governments in designing systems, fulfilling automation and capacity building needs, hand holding support to client organization at provincial and district level on newly introduced systems and strengthening of already established systems / functions. In both provinces the programme is exploiting various synergies by integrating the various initiatives of government and other actors that ultimately contribute in good governance.


Technical Assistance Pakistan: 2013-2016 - Technical Assistance Under Sindh Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP) - EU
As a significant partner, Abacus Consulting has been providing services for improvement of PFM, M&E and procurement processes at client organization. As the project is going through its inception, the plans are being prepared to support budget, M&E and other performance management functions at the provincial and district levels. The project is in the process of reviewing and implementing school consolidation plan (SCP) which carries indicators pertain to quality and access of education. Implementation of SCP included data collection against pre-conceived set of indicators, analysis, compilation of recommendation / corrective actions and improving the performance reporting. The TA is also responsible for the capacity building of Department of Education (DoE), GoS and district level staff on all the above mentioned technical areas. AbacusConsulting is responsible for capacity building of provincial and district level managers of DoE, GoS in its assigned area which includes M&E. Currently, the capacity building activities are in planning stage.


Education & Training Sector Pakistan: 2013 - onwards - Sindh Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP) – EU funded
The overall objective of the project is to promote quality and access in Primary and Secondary Education and achieve the education-related MDGs in the Province of Sindh. EU sector support will assist the Government of Sindh towards improving its management and its service delivery in the education sector. The expected results of the technical assistance project are: i) With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh approves a coherent Education Sector Policy and Plan; ii) With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh implements a School Consolidation Plan, with quality and access indicators, and improves delivery; iii) With the required technical assistance, focusing on strategic capacity development, the Government of Sindh improves education service delivery in Sindh.


Puncipal Services 2011-2012 - Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project – World Bank funded
The objective of the project is to improve the viability and effectiveness of urban services provided by the participating Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs). The Institutional Development component is concerned with implementing a number of interventions including establishment of Performance Management System (PMS); Complaint Tracking System (CTS) and Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS), TMA Website Development; introduction of IT culture at TMA offices through provision of basic & advance computer trainings and provision of requisite hardware; Urban Planning and Development of GIS based service delivery maps. AbacusConsulting is assisting Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company in their financial management capacity building intervention of Punjab’s Tehsil Municipal Administrations to improve service delivery to the citizens.


Automation Pakistan: 2010-onwards - Automation of Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab, Pakistan
Abacus is helping Government of Punjab for Automation of Board of Revenue, with the vision of establishing efficient, secure, transparent and accountable management and information systems within the Board of Revenue and thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


Punjab Resource Management Program Pakistan: 2009-2012 - Punjab Resource Management Program (PRMP), Government of Punjab
PRMP is ADB loan and DFID financed comprehensive, medium-term policy reform program of Government of the Punjab. The program seeks to improve service delivery with particular emphasis on pro-poor sectors through structural reforms in systems and processes to manage public resources. Under this project Abacus Consulting has worked in consortium with Crown Agents and Oxford Policy Management. Abacus supported the Public Financial Management (PFM) component of the project where the focus was to improve budget preparation, execution and monitoring functions of the finance department.


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 2008-2009 - Financial Decentralisation
Fiscal Decentralisation project of Pakistan Army was part of major financial management reforms and was recommended by the strategic management of Pakistan Army for them to make informed fiscal decisions and improve ownership and accountability. AbacusConsulting worked with the Budget Directorate of Pakistan Army located in their Headquarters in Rawalpindi to develop a roadmap to implement fiscal decentralisation and created appropriate linkages with the Military Accountant General through recommendations of changes in the Chart of Accounts coding and structure. Abacus team advised and made recommendations to implement a budgeting and accounts monitoring system.


Provinical Reform Program FATA Pakistan: 2007-2012 - Provincial Reform Programme and Capacity Building of FATA
Abacus Consulting, with its international partner has been engaged by DFID to design and implement a programme of support to the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province (GoKPK) in implementing its Provincial Reform Programme. The programme is assisting to 1) improve Public Financial Management and human resource management systems to deliver scaled up resource allocations effectively to the districts; 2) improve monitoring and evaluation capabilities, including improving the availability and collation of data, as well as ensuring that data is used effectively by decision makers; and 3) improve aid effectiveness in NWFP, consistent with the principles of alignment, harmonisation, results based management and mutual accountability.


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 2003-2004 and 2006-2012 - Moving to a Medium Term Budget Framework (MTBF) – Phase I & II (Extension)
As a major partner in consortium led by OPM, Abacus Consulting has been assisting the Government of Pakistan to implement its one of the most important public-sector reforms called ‘Medium Term Budgetary Framework’. The main purpose of the project was to reform the Pakistan’s budget preparation process. Through a full time team based in the Ministry of Finance, Abacus has been providing technical assistance - in macroeconomic forecasting, budgetary management, and organizational development of all federal ministries. A purpose built software application developed by Abacus’s team and implemented across the federal government. Under the project Abacus has trained several hundreds of Government officials of different seniority on the new budgeting process and the software. The MTBF is a system of budgetary management adopted in developed and developing countries alike. This system aims to strengthen and rationalize the budgetary process through 1) introducing a medium term perspective to the budget, by casting annual budget preparation within a rolling three-year planning and budgeting framework; 2) strengthening the strategic allocation of resources, through the development of capacity in forecasting medium term resource availability and procedures which establish the government’s strategic priorities for the use of those resources; 3) adoption of output-based budgeting techniques, which identify the costs of delivery of services so that this information can be used by policymakers, ministries and managers to plan future budget allocations and service delivery. With particular reference to Education, Abacus has helped Ministry of Education (devolved) in harmonizing its national education policy with its goal, outcomes and outputs (services areas).


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 2000 - Review of Financial Management and Development of Strategy, NEDA
The project involved a critical organisational and technical review of financial management systems of the Government of Bhutan. In the first step a detailed assessment was conducted and recommendations made towards developing the new financial management and compliance system including the strategy for applying appropriate IT technologies, followed by providing assistance in implementing several components of the project.


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 1999 - Financial Accounting System, Federal Board of Revenue, World Bank, Government of Pakistan
As part of the organisational restructuring programme, Abacus Consulting was contracted by World Bank to assist Federal Board of Revenue for developing a new accounting and financial system in order for it to become into a self-accounting entity. The project involved a comprehensive organisational review with respect to 1) financial and accounting structure, 2) policies governing finance and accounting 3) financial reporting and MIS and; 4) its treasury function.


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 1997-2005 - Project for Improvement of Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA), World Bank, Pakistan Audit Department, Controller General of Accounts, Government of Pakistan
As part of financial management reform program, (PIFRA) project was designed to support introduction of a top-to-bottom government budgeting, accounting, and auditing system. Beginning its first phase in 1997 and still ongoing, PIFRA has reached a satisfactory level of implementation. Based on a diagnostic analysis of the status of accounting and auditing functions, Abacus Consulting helped improve public sector accounting and financial systems, including budgeting, the basis for enhancing public sector Accountability and institutional capacity for economic policymaking and management.


Financial Management Project Pakistan: 1997-2001 - Pakistan Sales Tax Administration Strengthening Project, Federal Board of Revenue, DFID, Government of Pakistan
Abacus Consulting was commissioned by the UK Department for International Development (DFID) to provide assistance to the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue (CBR), to transform the existing Sales Tax from commodity based tax into a VAT (Value Added Tax). The project began to develop the process and procedures with particular focus to audit and produced two set of audit manuals. It then designed and imparted training to in-service and new recruits in Sales Tax. In light of the changes, an organisational level programme was developed to launch it that included a separate organisational review of the Sales Tax administration, IT readiness and mass-communication strategy etc. Throughout the period, Abacus Consulting assisted FBR to coordinate with other key stakeholders such as IMF. Building on the successful execution, Abacus Consulting continued providing services in the area of tax policy, audit training, procedures updating, investigation and fraud detection.