Philosophy in Development

Abacus Consulting’s long record of successful delivery of services reflects a thorough understanding and awareness of the cultural, social, political and economic issues and constraints as well as issues pertaining to absorptive capacity, critical resource management and skills development. Our reputation and success is based on the principles of broad consultation, inclusive participation, responsiveness, qualified consultants and advisers, appropriate strategies and carefully managed staged development. Emphasis is placed on the ability to analyse problems, consult on short, medium and longer-term needs and requirements, and develop operable and sustainable strategies that facilitate knowledge transfer.

Since its inception, Abacus Consulting has gained exceptional experience and demonstrated sector capacity in all areas of economic performance management. More recently, Abacus Consulting has developed excellent capacity in the social, economic development and governance sectors. Abacus Consulting’s specialists are fully cognisant of cross-sector issues. They are required to identify ways in which activities can encourage and support the participation of disadvantaged groups, incorporate urban and rural imbalance issues, poverty alleviation, employment promotion, environmental issues and community education, health and welfare.