ICT for Development

The notion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Enabled Development is gaining more prominence in developing countries. The potential of ICT can be used to attain national development goals as the impact of ICT has already been felt in sectors such as health, education, and rural development. Capacity development must now be seen as an integral part of this thinking.

Within the changing context of development cooperation, several types of ICT capacities need to be built. These can be broadly defined as individual capacities, organizational capacities, sectoral capacities and national capacities. E-Government therefore refers to the use of information and communications technologies to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability of the government.

In this context Abacus has been providing services that include Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Business Process Design (BPD), establishment of EDP and ERP in business, government and institutions, introduction of computerized multimedia in primary and secondary schools, computer training and software development and international networking.

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