Good Governance

Lessons from the past have highlighted that the provision of policy advice alone is no longer adequate to effect change where dysfunctional, corrupt and unaccountable public institutions exist. Good governance therefore is a pre-requisite to economic growth and eradication of poverty. Building better governance means working with state institutions, with civil society and with citizens, supporting governments, parliaments and judiciaries to function more effectively and to be more responsive and accountable to citizens and developing mechanisms for citizens to engage with and influence these institutions. Failures in service delivery are a key reason that people fall into poverty whereas in contrast, good service provision helps people to transition out of poverty. The need to strengthen service delivery systems in developing countries to improve quality and expand access is therefore imperative.

At Abacus, good governance is a condition for all it does in delivering sustainable development. It has excellent expertise in the ‘supply’ side of governance, which means working with the state, to build civil servants’ capacity to strengthen the state’s ability to be responsive and accountable to its citizens. We provide development support in governance by taking it from both sides meaning from top down and bottom up in undertaking large scale reforms through to conducting small specific research, prepare background papers and studies and continue enhancing required capacity for social development.

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