Economic Growth & Management

Increased economic growth with enlightened governance reduces poverty directly and bolsters investment in the public sector. Continued support in enhancing economic governance further accelerates growth and ensures sustainability.

Based on decades of experience, Abacus focuses on reform of the regulatory and structural constraints to investment, enterprise, and participation. It helps governments promote investment and private enterprise through premarket reforms of the regulatory environment both at the local as well as national levels. The fine expertise Abacus has acquired are applied to strengthen local economic governance, private sector development, trade liberalization, and the promotion of private investment through regulatory reform, that can strengthen the responsiveness of local governance to the requirements of the business sector and the needs of the poor.

  • Advice and Planning
  • Poverty Reduction Strategies
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Policy review and development
  • Food Security
  • Agribusiness Development
  • Value Chain Development
  • Enterprise Development
  • Macro-economic Reforms
  • Privatization
  • Public Private Partnerships

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