Financial Management Project Pakistan:2014-15  - Development of Citizens Right to Services Performance Management System Peshawar – World Bank
The project initiated with the RTS Website Development. Domain Registration and Hosting of the RTS website was followed by development and implementation of the website (CMS based) content menu with information provided by the RTS. The actual challenge of website development was to make it responsive to the wide variety of citizens. Easy and User friendly navigating system of the web library was achieved to serve the purpose. Design appropriate security architecture for the website and implement this security mechanism through the website. A Complaint Redressal System Design and its’ automation in the name of Performance Monitoring System (PeMS) was developed in the second step to provide automation support to RTS Commission and GoKP.


Financial Management Project 2011- 2012  - Punjab Municipal Services Improvement Project – World Bank funded
The objective of the project is to improve the viability and effectiveness of urban services provided by the participating Tehsil Municipal Administrations (TMAs). The Institutional Development component is concerned with implementing a number of interventions including establishment of Performance Management System (PMS); Complaint Tracking System (CTS) and Computerized Financial Management System (CFMS), TMA Website Development; introduction of IT culture at TMA offices through provision of basic & advance computer trainings and provision of requisite hardware; Urban Planning and Development of GIS based service delivery maps. AbacusConsulting is assisting Punjab Municipal Development Fund Company in their financial management capacity building intervention of Punjab’s Tehsil Municipal Administrations to improve service delivery to the citizens.


Financial Management Project Afghanistan :2011-onwards  - Consultancy Services for Software System for Pension Department, Government of Afghanistan – World Bank funded
AbacusConsulting is helping the Government of Afghanistan in implementing reform of its pension system in line with the Social Protection sector in its Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS). Being a lead firm, AbacusConsulting is designing, developing and implementing software for Pension Department.


Financial Management Project Iraq:2011-onwards  - Iraq State Pension Fund Contribution Management System, Government of Iraq – World Bank funded
Being Management Consultant Firm on the project, AbacusConsulting is providing strategic and tactical support to the State Pension Fund (SPF) during the critical early phases of its institutional development. At the same time support is being provided for the development, piloting and finalization of the Contribution Management System (CMS) to be ready for roll-out to all SPF branches. AbacusConsulting shall assist the SPF to establish the business divisions, sections and units specified in accordance with the SPF business operations model and organizational structure.


Financial Management Project 2011-onwards  - FATA Institutional Strengthening Program – USAID Funded
Under this project AbacusConsulting’s is building medium- to longer-term institutional capacity of the FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) Secretariat. It represents a multi-year effort focused on the goal of ensuring the institutional viability of the FATA Secretariat as a service-oriented government body capable of managing its myriad duties in a transparent and well-planned manner. The project focuses on Six Components namely, IT Support, PC-1 Automation, HR Support, Training and Systems Development, Communication and Monitoring & Evaluation.


Financial Management Project Pakistan:2010-onwards  - Land Reform Management Information System, Government of Punjab, Pakistan – World Bank funded
The overall objective of LRMIS Project is to improve the land records service delivery of the Province of Punjab, contributing towards; a) Long-lasting tenure security and more efficient functioning of land markets; b) Establishing a basis for fuller integration of information associated with rights in land. Based on the afore-mentioned overall objective of LRMIS Project, the key objectives of the assignment are provision of Quality Assurance and Monitoring services with a view to Improving and modernizing the system of maintenance of land revenue records, Ensuring un-interrupted service delivery to the customers, and Improving public accessibility to the land records by simplifying procedures, introducing appropriate legal changes and deploying robust software to ensure security of data and delivery of land record services to the end users. The role of the Abacus Consulting is primarily that of the BOR itself since most of the activities of the consultant will be undertaken on behalf of the BOR and also Abacus Consulting will be responsible to provide support in electronic operation of Help Desk, identification of issues and problems in service delivery, escalation of these problems to the appropriate level/stakeholder and monitoring of resolution of these problems to ensure high quality of service delivery through software.


Financial Management Project Pakistan:2010-onwards  - Automation of Board of Revenue, Government of Punjab, Pakistan
Abacus is helping Government of Punjab for Automation of Board of Revenue, with the vision of establishing efficient, secure, transparent and accountable management and information systems within the Board of Revenue and thereby improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization.


Financial Management Project Pakistan:2008-09  - Financial Decentralisation
Fiscal Decentralisation project of Pakistan Army was part of major financial management reforms and was recommended by the strategic management of Pakistan Army for them to make informed fiscal decisions and improve ownership and accountability. AbacusConsulting worked with the Budget Directorate of Pakistan Army located in their Headquarters in Rawalpindi to develop a roadmap to implement fiscal decentralisation and created appropriate linkages with the Military Accountant General through recommendations of changes in the Chart of Accounts coding and structure. Abacus team advised and made recommendations to implement a budgeting and accounts monitoring system.


Financial Management Project Jordan:2006  - Program management support for the launch of e-Marketplace,, Jordan
Abacus Consulting was engaged to provide program management support services where around 50 professionals were divided into two main work streams: Technology Stream and Business Stream having further sub-work streams of 9 and 4 respectively. Abacus Consulting team provided assistance in the areas of goal setting and milestone management, scope and sourcing contract management, delivery and acceptance management, cost and benefits management, risk and issues management, team infrastructure and knowledge management.