Financial Management Project Pakistan:2013-2017  - Sub National Governance Program (SNG) – DFID
AbacusConsulting is contributing in PFM and M&E areas on this programme. As per initial plan key activities in the area of performance management were to include the strengthening of performance based budgeting up to district level, development / institutionalization of M&E system, provision of GIS support for effective monitoring, creation of provincial delivery unit to supervise / monitor improved service delivery and various cross cutting interventions to create a cohesive government organization for the delivery of quality public goods / services in target provinces. In the above mentioned areas of focus the programme will provide extended facilitation to the provincial governments in designing systems, fulfilling automation and capacity building needs, hand holding support to client organization at provincial and district level on newly introduced systems and strengthening of already established systems / functions. In both provinces the programme is exploiting various synergies by integrating the various initiatives of government and other actors that ultimately contribute in good governance.


Financial Management Project Pakistan:2013-2016  - Technical Assistance Under Sindh Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP) - EU
As a significant partner, Abacus Consulting has been providing services for improvement of PFM, M&E and procurement processes at client organization. As the project is going through its inception, the plans are being prepared to support budget, M&E and other performance management functions at the provincial and district levels. The project is in the process of reviewing and implementing school consolidation plan (SCP) which carries indicators pertain to quality and access of education. Implementation of SCP included data collection against pre-conceived set of indicators, analysis, compilation of recommendation / corrective actions and improving the performance reporting. The TA is also responsible for the capacity building of Department of Education (DoE), GoS and district level staff on all the above mentioned technical areas. AbacusConsulting is responsible for capacity building of provincial and district level managers of DoE, GoS in its assigned area which includes M&E. Currently, the capacity building activities are in planning stage.


Financial Management Project Pakistan:2013 - onwards  - Sindh Education Sector Support Programme (SESSP) – EU funded
The overall objective of the project is to promote quality and access in Primary and Secondary Education and achieve the education-related MDGs in the Province of Sindh. EU sector support will assist the Government of Sindh towards improving its management and its service delivery in the education sector. The expected results of the technical assistance project are: i) With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh approves a coherent Education Sector Policy and Plan; ii) With the required technical assistance the Government of Sindh implements a School Consolidation Plan, with quality and access indicators, and improves delivery; iii) With the required technical assistance, focusing on strategic capacity development, the Government of Sindh improves education service delivery in Sindh.